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Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga

Wendy and the other teachers at AYB are passionate about teaching the traditonal method as taught by P. Jois that has been passed down through to our teachers, John Scott and Lucy Crawford. If you would like to attend a workshop in a smaller group setting with other beginners please contact me or go to www.ashtangabromley.com .

Our workshops have been designed to teach from the foundations upward to build a safe, sustainable life-changing self-practice. The workshop runs over four consecutive Sunday mornings at the Chantry Studios and it is recommended you attend all four.

The workshop fee is £55 for four Sunday mornings (09:00 to 10:30) and must be paid in advance to secure a place.

Places are limited to 6 students.

The following will be explored throughout the four sessions:
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga lineage
  • Using bandha to control energy from breath
  • Yogic breathing (ujjayi breath) helps calm the mind and body
  • Looking places (drishti), a specific focal point
  • Sun salutations (Surya Namaska A & B) and standing asanas
  • The transitions in a posture and between postures (Vinyasa)
  • The counted method using Sanskrit, ekam (1), dve (2), trini (3)…

As you become more familiar with the sequence postures are added and as the journey continues, the mind releases. Attending a beginner’s workshop will help you approach new postures with foundation, grounding and strength. The progression is gentle and often you will meet imbalances in your body. The practice will awaken deep sensations within the body.

Ashtanga Yoga