“I have been attending both Wendy’s face to face and online classes over the past year and have grown so much stronger. I always feel like I’ve worked my whole body. I get a great stretch and a good nights sleep! Wendy is a fantastic teacher with so much knowledge. Her classes are relaxed and inclusive. Highly recommend.” 

Rachel White 

“I’ve attended Wendy’s class at my local gym which is a Hatha yoga class. Since Lockdown I’ve attended every week Wendy’s Ashtanga yoga. This is a completely different yoga than I’ve ever done.”

“With Wendy’s clear instructions and encouragement, I have thoroughly enjoyed this new style of yoga. It’s been easy to connect to the class and always receive the Zoom link the day before via email.” 

“Wendy is a kind and patience teacher who I would recommend to anyone interested in taking up yoga for the first time or an experienced yogi.”


“I have attended Wendy’s classes weekly for over 4 years both, in person and online. They are great for all abilities and always taken at your own pace. She delivers the class thoughtfully with clear instructions and suggestions on how to tailor your own practice.”

“I particularly enjoy the breathing practice at the end of the class, as it is a great introduction to meditation.”

Karen Fergusson

“I tried lots of different yoga classes before Wendy’s. As a beginner, I found yoga daunting but Wendy has always been a positive teacher who goes at your own pace and makes sure you feel comfortable in class. Her classes are welcoming, fun and you always feel like you’ve had a good workout!”

Sarah C

“I would like to say how much I have enjoyed Wendy’s Zoom yoga during the lockdown. As a prior student of hers, the transition from face to face classes to zooming has been seamless.”

“Wendy’s kindness and passion for her craft combined with her positive encouragement. This has allowed me to achieve progression in my poses in a way that feels safe and controlled.”

Lorraine Brooks

“Wendy’s classes are really enjoyable, she is very helpful regarding any health issues you may have, she makes you feel very welcome and at ease. I would recommend her classes.”


“Wendy is really skilled and enthusiastic about teaching yoga and I have thoroughly enjoyed her classes online and face to face. She explains the moves and the postures carefully and always demonstrates them herself very elegantly.”

“She manages to differentiate for clients of different levels without letting us give up on the more challenging moves. A great teacher.”


“Wendy is a great yoga teacher who truly knows her stuff.  Her classes are welcoming and there are plenty of classes to choose from which can easily fit in with everyday life.  She is great at explaining all the poses and help with any difficulties that you may experience. Online yoga during lockdown has been a godsend!” 

“Thank you Wendy x”

 Julie Kallend


“Wendy is a fabulous yoga teacher. She is welcoming, patient and good fun. Because of this, her classes all have a lovely atmosphere from the minute you join, no matter what (if any) your level of previous experience.  I start tired and come out refreshed and relaxed.”

“Thank you, Wendy!” 

Catherine, Biggin Hill

“Wendy is a very attentive and informative instructor, very warm in her delivery of classes, that never leaves you feeling like you can’t do the postures. Her style is very encouraging which is transmitted well via Zoom as in person.”


“Wendy is an amazing yoga teacher – very knowledgable, encouraging and she brings a great sense of warmth & energy to her classes. Wendy creates a space where people feel comfortable and everyone is welcome of all abilities. I always leave her class feeling totally grounded and thankful for such a wonderful practice. Thank you Wendy – I’m very grateful to have found your classes!”

Vicky, Bromley

“Wendy is a very knowledgeable and professional teacher. Her instructions are clear and concise and she is always willing to answer any questions and address any issues you may have. She also has a wonderful sense of humour 😊”


“I had been looking for a yoga class for a long time and never really found one that I felt comfortable enough to join being a brand new YOGI 😬. When in Dec I got your flyer I was over the moon. I sent you an email asking if I could join in the January after recovering from a little op. You came back to me the very next day and welcomed me, no pressure, work at my own pace and that is exactly what I found. Always lovely & friendly, supporting us all with any concerns  Even now as Zoom Yogi’s we have warm a friendly group that I enjoy Being a part of.”

Thank you x

Tracey F

“I have loved my Thursday practice with Wendy, i was new to Yoga at the start of the year but have found Wendy’s instruction even on line to be very clear and easy to follow.
Thank you 🙏🏻for keeping me sane on a Thursday during lock down.”

Sammy Gray x

“I have been practising yoga with Wendy for nearly 4 years now and I have to say, my life has been completely transformed not only by the power of yoga itself, but also by the incredible teacher that Wendy is.” 

“She is highly knowledgeable, which gives me a great sense of safety during my practice and also extremely encouraging and accepting of each of her students both at a personal level and also of their abilities. Every practice gives me renewed strength – physical, mental and emotional –  to go on with my daily life. “

“During the lockdown, all of these amazing attributes have been transferred to the zoom meetings and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to join in her classes. Without them, I wouldn’t have had the motivation to carry on with my yoga journey.” 

Simone Pond

“Wendy is a highly instinctive yoga teacher with an immense amount of heart. She is down to earth and centred, and ensures each class member is supported. Her relaxations at the end of class are absolutely heavenly! “

Sharon Furbank

“Yoga with Wendy is inspirational. You always feel happier, relaxed yet energised & well in body & mind following her sessions. No two sessions seem to be the same. Some is familiar & confidence-building whilst there is always something new & intriguing based on a theme to support & develop a part of the body or mind. Yoga is so much a part of my life & Wendy is key in developing & inspiring me.”

Linda B.

“Joining Willow Glow Yoga was a Godsend over lockdown to help my struggling body firstly and provide that mental sanctuary as well. Wendy has a gentle and calming demeanour when teaching online, which I am sure is even better during a live class. I was struggling with the menopause which caused stiffness and pain in my joints and hips. Yoga has eased this tremendously by keeping up body strength, stretching in the right way and positivity of thought. I can highly recommend these classes!”