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Online Yoga and Zoom Guidelines

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What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing that you can move in. for safety reasons posture work is performed barefoot. You may also wish to bring a blanket for relaxation.

Do I need to bring a mat?

Although mats are available you are more than welcome to bring your own if you have one.

Can I eat before class?

It is advisable not to practise yoga for at least 1 ½ hours (longer if heavy meal) after eating.

I am not very strong or flexible, is yoga suitable for me?

All the more reason to join a yoga class!
Yoga can benefit anyone and everyone, young and old, men and women regardless of strength, flexibility or fitness levels. When practised under the guidance of an experienced teacher yoga is completely safe, and, as yoga is non-competitive you work within your own limits and range of movement; your teacher will give modifications of postures when necessary according to your individual ability. With regular practise strength and flexibility will come.

I have never practised yoga, can I attend your class?

Yes, we were all beginners once. Wendy will give modifications and teaches postures in stages so everyone from the complete ‘newbie’ to the more experienced practitioner can participate.

Is Ashtanga suitable for beginners?

Yes!! My Ashtanga classes are traditional Mysore/ self-practice classes, which have the benefit of one-to-one tuition in a group environment, allowing you to practice and learn at your own pace. Beginners are more than welcome to attend weekly classes and we (Ashtanga Yoga Bromley) regularly run introductory workshops to give some background to the practice and begin learning the sequence. Please see workshops for more information.

Is Ashtanga fast-paced and physically demanding?

If you have previously attended a led class it may seem that way. The beauty of a Mysore/ self-practice class is that we practice at our own pace; gradually, with practise we learn to synchronise our breath with our movement and this is when we become totally present in the moment making the practice a moving meditation.

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