Monday Mindful Breath & Meditation

Good Evening Yogis,

Hoping that you have enjoyed a wonderful weekend of Jubilee celebrations!

Just a reminder that I am beginning a weekly Monday Mindful breath and Meditation class from 8.30-9pm. Each week we will be exploring different aspects of mindfulness, breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation thought to reduce stress levels, anxiety and find stillness within both mind and body, providing us with a toolbox to deal with the pressures put upon us by 21st century living.

This 30 minute class is just £4.50 , if you can’t make the time you will receive a recording after the class has finished which will be available to use as many times as you wish for the following 7 days.

No prior experience needed, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Love & Light,

Wendy. x